Ground Fireworks

When you think of fireworks, you usually only have the classic high altitude fireworks in front of your eyes. But also with effects near the ground you can conjure beautiful pictures. Especially if a setup on a broad front is possible.

Ground fireworks include fountains, volcanoes, sun wheels and colored flames. Especially in combination with smaller ascending effects, this type of fireworks develops its special optical effect. The skilful use of these pyrotechnic objects in front of historical backdrops of castles, palaces or baroque gardens can let the special features of architecture shine in a fascinating light. That is why this type of fireworks is a big part of baroque fireworks. The advantage in the application is that only a small protective distance is necessary here. Thus, atmospheric fireworks can be realized even in smaller places. Many newer effects are based on low-smoke nitrocellulose sets.

Close-range fireworks: protective distance >= 8 meters