Buffet Fireworks

According to the saying “The eye eats with” you offer your guests a very special optical eye-catcher. Illuminate your buffet with colorful low smoke fountains or colorful lights. Not only for the buffet, but also for the decoration of the hall we can offer you beautiful candlesticks with colored smokeless flames.

All used pyrot. objects are suitable for indoor use. A very special highlight is of course a complete pyrotechnical staging for the opening of the buffet. Our radio ignition technology is also particularly suitable for this special application, as the miniature receivers can be placed extremely inconspicuously (e.g. inside the orange halves) on the buffet, thus creating an unexpected surprise effect when suddenly the candlesticks are lit as if by magic or silver fountains illuminate the food.

Close-range fireworks: protective distance >= 0.5 meters