Here you will find an overview of the software and hardware revisions of the different devices.

07/2020: Programming pen now with rubberized tip. This makes it ideal for use as a touch pen for the touch-sensitive screen of the FZA-B-S transmitter.

03/2020: New comprehensive PC software for the input of all important ignition parameters for receiver and transmitter via USB or wirelessly via radio modem.

03/2020: FZA-B-S: Remote programming of ignition data for all ignition modes: AutoFire function, time code ignition and text descriptions of the ignition channels.

03/2020: FZA-B-E-S: Mass remote programming of the description texts for the ignition outputs via radio modem.

01/2020: FZA-E-S10/20: Self-integration of these receiver types in external systems is possible (loan units).

01/2020: FZA-B-E-S: Improvement of the software for measuring the ignition resistances.

11/2019: Creation of conversion tools for reading data from third-party show design programs into our transmitters.

04/2018: FZA-FM: Radio modem for wireless PC programming of both uni- and bidirectional receivers.

11/2017: FZA-(B)-E-A: Display of the total playing time when inserting the card.

10/2017: FZA-B-S: Time code memory locations expanded to 1,000 and water organ AFF memory locations expanded to 5,000.

05/2017: FZA-B-S: Integration of the query function for FZA-B-E-A.

04/2017: FZA-B-E-A, New bidirectional audio receiver.

12/2016: FZA-B-ST, FZA-B-E1, New battery technology Li-Ion

11/2016: FZA-B-S, TC data sources: AFF data or direct input in TC time format.

10/2016: FZA-B-S, different time code formats selectable.

09/2016: FZA-B-E-S, Resistance calibration option for matrix module.

04/2016: FZA-B-E-UHV, New bidirectional ultra-high voltage receiver.

01/2016: FZA-B-(E)-S, remote programming as mass action for all ignition data.

12/2015: FZA-B-(E)-S, (rental) receivers of other users can be integrated into own systems.

11/2013: FZA-B-S, water organizing function: Multiple triggering of outputs in automatic sequence.

03/2013: FZA-ASE-01, New device for easy realization of long step sequences

06/2012: FZA-B-E-S, New bidirectional receiver with many useful features.

09/2011: FZA-B-E1, FZA-B-E-SFX, step functions available.

08/2011: Transmitter, Δt display between ignitions.