Output and step expansion module with 1 output

Excellent for:

  • uncomplicated realization of long step chains
  • Machine gun shots on the floor
  • pyrot. Relay races along a stadium
  • quilted height flashes

Properties in detail

  • Dimensions (H x W x D [mm]): 21 x 72 x 50
  • very compact design
  • Housing made of stable plastic
  • ignition voltage 3.3 V, ignition energy 10 mJ
  • Step times adjustable via coding switches (0-99.99 s)
  • several devices can only be combined via a 2-wire line
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Lighter test function
  • high-quality electronics
  • well contacting terminals
  • Activation by external voltage pulse
  • Direct or alternating current can be used with min. 20 mA triggering threshold (max. 35 V)
  • galvanic separation of the trigger input from the electronics of the device
  • connectable to any ignition system

Other extension components