Ignition Technology

The radio ignition systems from ignis-Zündtechnik are in demand nationally and internationally for professional fireworks and ambitious New Year’s Eve fireworks. The company develops and produces devices for all pyrotechnical fields of application. Since its foundation, ignis-Zündtechnik can look back on an eventful and growing company development. A time when the ignis team created the largest receiver variety in the industry, both uni- and bidirectional, and pioneering product innovations, which have now been adopted by other suppliers (matrix receivers, external output modules, etc.).

For all areas of application, ignis-Zündtechnik offers the appropriate receiver type. Beyond the portfolio, solutions are developed for individual customer requirements.

For short-term expansion of an existing system or for occasional use, ignis-Zündtechnik also provides rental equipment.

The ignis service team is of course available for your questions and requests and will be happy to provide you with an individual offer!

Equipment Spectrum

Transmitter: 5,000 channels
Mini pocket transmitter: 1,000 channels
Receiver with 10/100 outputs: 12V, 10/5A
Mini receiver with 1 output: 27V, 360mJ
Theater mini-receiver with 5 outputs: 27V, 170mJ
Ultra high voltage receiver with 1 output: 380V 28J
Special effect receiver with 4/16 outputs: 16V, 25mJ
Audio receiver in CD quality
Transmitter: 1000 channels
Receiver with 5 outputs: 12V, 10A
Receiver with 10 outputs: 12V, 10A
Receiver with 20 outputs: 12V, 10A
Matrix receiver with 100 outputs: 12V, 5A
High voltage receiver with 10 outputs: 60 V, 1,8J
Ultra high voltage receiver with 1 output: 380V, 28J
Theater mini-receiver with 6 outputs: 27V, 170mJ
Audio receiver in CD quality
Radio modem for wireless device programming
Output and step extension with 1 output: 3.3V, 10mJ
Output and step extension with 10 outputs: 12V, 10A
External output module with 20 outputs
External matrix module with 100 outputs
Individual development

Product development with passion

In our own product development, great importance is attached to practical suitability and high quality. Thus the ignis ignition technology impresses with a robust construction as well as perfect communication between the system components with a range of up to one kilometer in the standard version through the use of high-quality and approval-free radio technology. The wireless communication offers the professional pyrotechnician absolute flexibility in the realization of creative productions. Of course all components are compatible with each other.

Depending on the type of device, the receivers offer a variety of optional additional functions, such as stepping functions, water organizing function, resistance measurement, full text displays, text memory, weather data calculation and many more.
Ignis is also the solution of choice for triggering confetti throwers, controlling magnetic valves or glow wires and other effects.
With the use of the music receiver FZA-(B)-E-A or the SMPTE time code and DMX control functions integrated in the transmitter, music fireworks can be created with exact timing.

The transmitters in different designs have a wide range of functions and can be individually configured to meet your own requirements. A particularly simple and clear operation is achieved by using touch displays.

For triggering a particularly large number of igniters, device types with particularly high ignition voltage are of course also available. Optional accessories (covers, etc.) are available for the receivers, which are preferably designed for large fireworks.

Users also appreciate the easy-to-understand and convenient operation of the ignis software development. An overview of software and hardware revisions is listed here. Individual software adaptations are no problem due to the universal design of the ignis ignition technology.

Please observe our safety instructions for all applications.

Optional or additionally available:

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