Fascination Fireworks - When the sky becomes a stage

For a fireworks display to succeed perfectly, not only a sophisticated ignition technology is necessary. Creativity in the composition of effects and conceptual experience also play a decisive role. ignis-Zündtechnik offers both and has developed since the company was founded into a sought-after supplier of fireworks in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. Customers appreciate the personal advice of the ignis team and the professional realization of fireworks with effects that leave spectators speechless.

For corporate clients as well as private customers who want to present breathtaking moments to their guests at events and celebrations, the company ignis-Zündtechnik creates individual fireworks. The tailor-made experience is planned in line with the budget, taking into account special customer wishes and the local conditions. Ignis-Zündtecnik will handle the coordination of all formalities with the relevant authorities for you.

Since the company operates its own explosives storage facilities, where pyrotechnics of all storage groups are kept in stock in large quantities, ignis has an above-average product portfolio with an extensive variety of effects.

When selecting effects, ignis places particular emphasis on brilliant colors, long effect life and sophisticated effect combinations.

Range of services

Fountain, Volcanoes, Sun Wheels

Roman Lights, Fire Pots, Comets, Fountains, Volcanoes

Comets, Fire Pots, Light Batteries, Bombs

Precise ignition of the effects to the music

Atmospheric Effects, Highlights

Flag, Figure Bombs, Smoke, Streamers Effects

Fountain, Lightning, Columns of Fire

Colored Flames, Fountains, Colorful “Candles” Lights

Spectacular performances for film and television

Numbers, Letters, Symbols, Logos

Colored Flames, Flashing Fountains

New Year’s products and stage fireworks the whole year

Your added value

Benefit from the know-how that ignis-Zündtechnik, as a developer and producer of high-quality ignition technology, brings directly into the conception of fireworks.

In the years of developing sophisticated control technology, ignis-Zündtechnik has produced many innovations that are now also available from other suppliers (e.g. matrix receivers, ext. output modules). Modern technology also makes it possible to perform music-synchronized fireworks. Large-scale productions with launch sites distributed over several locations, which are realized by radio-controlled ignis ignition technology, provide fascination and unique experiences. But wireless ignition technology also offers some advantages for smaller fireworks: Special effects such as wide fronts, quilted effects or wandering comets can be integrated at no cost.

Through many years of cooperation with reliable partners in the fields of laser, light and sound technology, spectacular multimedia shows are created that appeal to all the senses of the audience.

Some examples of satisfied ignis customers can be found in the references.

If you are planning a fireworks display, you can find out here about the necessary safety distances before we give you a detailed consultation.