Stage (Music) Fireworks

Not only can the sky be the stage for fireworks, but there is also a wide range of effects for indoor, theater and open-air stages. The effects can be used to represent scenic events (e.g. sparking short circuit, explosion flashes) or they can be used at concerts to increase the effect of the music on the audience.

Smoke powder in various colors, theater flashes of various sizes and fountains are available for these applications. The selection of fountains is particularly large. The product range extends from the generation of a very short spray impulse to a burning time of several 10 seconds and different effect heights and colors. All stage fireworks are delivered ready equipped with an electric igniter. That is why it is highly recommended to use a safe electronic ignition system, especially in case of frequent and numerous applications; also with regard to the use near people. These items are mainly stage pyrotechnics of the categories T1 and T2. Most of these stage fireworks effects can be used by persons over 18 years for stage, photo, film and television productions. No permission according to explosives law is required for this (category T1). Nevertheless, the relevant safety and accident prevention regulations must of course be observed. A few effects, such as larger fire pots and flame pillars, require the presence of a stage firework artist when using these items (category T2). Consequently, they can only be purchased with a certificate of expertise and an official permit. However, the scope of application of stage fireworks is not limited to these purposes. Especially with music fireworks, these effects can be very attractively integrated into large fireworks. The small safety distance allows the use in fronts in close range.

Close-range fireworks: protective distance >= 5 meters

Nahbereichsfeuerwerk: Schutzabstand >= 5 Meter