Wedding Fireworks

Surprise your guests and yourself with unforgettable fireworks on the occasion of their wedding, birthday or anniversary.
You can choose between two options:
– You commission the fireworks as a complete service from ignis. The variant for completely stress-free enjoyment.
– As an absolute fireworks enthusiast, you burn the fireworks yourself and use impressive effects from the extensive ignis range. We will be happy to recommend an impressive composition for you. For this, however, you need an exceptional permission of the responsible public order office (§24 (1) 1. SprengV).

We offer you the right effect selection for both options to suit the location and your budget: A pure high-altitude firework display, only a ground firework display, or what is highly recommended, a combination of these to illuminate the sky on different floors. Very popular are additionally or solitarily also light pictures in form of rings, hearts or letters. This type of fireworks can be used without any difficulties, especially in small places. Meanwhile, many other effects have been developed for such locations, so that a varied and impressive fireworks display is possible. If the scenery allows it (e.g. large tree population or historical buildings), parks or facades should be pyrotechnically illuminated for a romantic atmosphere; thus, it does not have to be exclusively the classical high-altitude fireworks. Especially imposing floor elements create impressive moments. To your advantage, our fireworks are individually adapted to the location and the occasion. All formalities are taken care of by us when you order the fireworks. So you only need to enjoy the fireworks.
We are happy to support and advise you in your fireworks planning, taking your wishes and ideas into account.
An inquiry is always worthwhile, because fireworks are cheaper than you think, and your event has the biggest profit from it.

safety distance >=12 meters