Mini receiver with 1 output, bidirectional

Excellent for:

  • widely distributed individual effects
  • Single ignitions in the special effects area

Properties in detail

  • Dimensions (H x W x D [mm]): 42 x 72 x 96
  • very small, light and compact design
  • no mechanical actuating components
  • ignition voltage 27 V, ignition energy 360 mJ
  • short-circuit proof output
  • Operation exclusively via the transmitters (remote programming)
  • bidirectional operation
  • Display of operating parameters and remote transmission to the bidirectional transmitters
  • individual remote programming of the ignition output to the channels
  • wireless programming at the PC via radio modem possible
  • Monitoring of the battery and ignition voltage and the HF frequency band
  • Low battery warning
  • internal batteries with integrated charging electronics
  • over 25 h operating time
  • Lighter test function
  • Resistance measurement of the ignition circuit
  • Igniter connection via pole terminals
  • high-quality electronics and radio components, free of registration and fees

Optional extensions:

  • Step function (0.01s – 99.99s)

Further bidirectional receivers