Standard transmitter with 5,000 channels, bidirectional

Excellent for:

  • extremely simple operation and control of your ignition system
  • any kind of ignition task (simple to very complex)
  • Combination with other trades

Properties in detail

  • Dimensions (H x W x D [mm]): 56 x 210 x 193
  • compact design
  • Housing made of stable universal aluminum profiles
  • large graphic display with touch function
  • Control and command input almost exclusively via the screen
  • very clear + uncomplicated operation
  • intuitive use without long training period
  • illuminated and labeled keys for safe operation even in the dark
  • bidirectional operation
  • Query and evaluation of all ignition and device parameters of the receivers
  • compatible to all other devices (also to unidirectional types)
  • Gooseneck lamp for workplace lighting
  • Integrated battery voltage monitoring and charge control
  • plant-specific data pattern, triggering of other plants is therefore impossible
  • high transmission security: checksum calculation + additional internal control queries
  • Emergency stop function: leaving the ignition mode deactivates all ignition outputs (also in step mode)
  • many useful functions beyond the pure ignition operation
  • Fireworks + Δt timer (displays the time elapsed since the 1st shot and between 2 ignitions)
  • high-quality electronics and radio components, free of registration and fees

Optional internal extensions:

  • Auto Fire Function (AFF)
  • Firing programs can be programmed and read out by PC. Optional support of data
  • formats from third-party choreography software
  • DMX control
  • SMPTE time code
  • external program memory (Smart-Card, SD-Card)
  • many interfaces (RS232, RS485, I²C)
  • external ignition triggering
  • cable operation is possible in addition to the radio link

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