Theater mini-receiver with 5 outputs

Excellent for:

  • Special effects in film/theater
  • unobtrusive placement in backdrops
  • Margin simulation
  • Flaming of candlesticks by clapping
  • exact ignition on acoustic. Signals

Properties in detail

  • Dimensions (H x W x D [mm]): 24 x 79 x 129
  • very small, light and compact design
  • non-slip hand housing with rubberized side parts
  • no mechanical actuating components sensitive to dirt
  • ignition voltage 27 V, ignition energy 170 mJ
  • short-circuit proof outputs
  • easy, clear operation similar to the “big” receivers
  • Display of operating parameters in standby mode
  • individual programming of the ignition outputs to the channels + remote programming if required
  • wireless programming at the PC via radio modem possible
  • Full text display
  • Monitoring of the battery voltage and the HF frequency band
  • Low battery warning
  • Actor call function
  • Lighter test function
  • Resistance measurement of the ignition circuits separately for each output
  • Well contacting and firmly gripping cable clamps
  • high-quality electronics and radio components, free of registration and fees

Optional extension:

  • Step function (0.01s – 99.99s)
  • Different audio trigger levels selectable for each output
  • Selection of audio offset times
  • Belt clip for easy attachment

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